Monday, March 19, 2018

Calvinball 2 and more challenges

Calvinball continues -- and one of these Fridays I'm going to remember to upload my counts and actually get counted in the game!  hahahaha.  Fridays are busy.

So here are some layouts for other challenges:  Most of these photos are from Scott and Igrid's engagement trip to Antelope Canyon. 

This was for a challenge from Paper Issues  and an Old Stuff Challenge at Scrap N Chat:

 This one is some sorta "left over photos" from their engagement trip -- and again a mood board challenge at PI and a color challenge (purple, green, gold for Mardi Gras) at Scrap N Chat

I used a two page sketch from Scrap Squad for this layout:

And a one page sketch for this one (also Scrap Squad) which was for a black and white challenge at PI:

These two pages go together but were for separate challenges.  This one was for Put it on an Angle at PI and the Pi challenge at Scrap N Chat (there had to be 3 of one item, 1 of another, 4 of another, etc. out to 8 places of Pi:  3.1415926).  I also used a sketch from Stuck?! Sketches

this was for the Tell me a Story challenge at PI.

I haven't totalled all of these up yet for Calvinball -- that's my next stop.  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Calvinball 1 -- and several challenges

I've been sick with flu (thank you, dear husband) that morphed into a sinus infection and am now finally (3 weeks later) feeling better.  So, I'm late to the Calvinball party, missed the Scrapbook Generations online crop (but doing some of the challenges to squeak in before the deadline) and basically running behind on all things scrappy.  But I'm happy with these first three post-flu creations:

This is from a joint March challenge from Paper Issues and Stuck?! Sketches .   My layout is based on the sketch given in both groups.   Love these pics of Southpaw from Christmas -- he loves his rawhides.  (And if you're new to our family, yes, he only has 3 legs).

This is my first layout for the Scrapbook Generations online crop, based on their sketch.  Was a very fun day at Bryce with Ben and Lizi.

This is for a challenge from a group of friends (we originally met -- mainly -- on the old CK message boards).  It's based on a sketch by Brenda Ragsdale with the added challenge to use an old tool you haven't used in a while.  I used my paper crimper (on the photo mat paper)  From last Christmas.

Now, to add up Calvinball points:

I Knew:  8 pts
One Fine Day: 7 pts
Christmas Morn:   pts

And I'm off and running....

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Only in Vegas -- a partner challenge from Paper Issues and CSI

This was fun -- we had gone to Vegas to pick up Ben and his girl, Lizi.  Their flight was delayed, we were tired, but they were hungry.  Ben wanted to go to Taco Bell.  Seriously?  Turns out the Taco Bell Cantina on the Strip has adult beverages.  Ah HA!

Here's my layout: 

From the CSI challenge:  I used all the colors in the inspiration picture:  sky blue, white, lime green, barbie pink and orange.  My evidence includes white background, floral backgrounds, flowers, leaves, birds and feathers.  for my testimony (journaling) this was a late summer memory, and the memory makes me laugh.  

Monday, January 22, 2018

Two real quick fun ones

This one is from last July -- David's birthday -- we were at a barbeque at a friends house.  She's a high school class mate of David's and had invited us and another couple (he's also a hs classmate).  Was fun.  Then, trying to get photos at the end of the evening turned into chaos.  :-)  I've covered up part of Scott in the first pic since he was flipping me off (his usual reaction to getting his photo taken), the only reason I kept the photo was for Jill's reaction to it.  THAT makes me laugh.

This pic you can see Jill's reaction better, but the bottom one (without a flash) you  can see the bottom photos better.  I used a challenge to combine two sketches from Scrap Our Stash -- the 4 photo block from one sketch and the triangle corner from the other: 

And then this one -- seriously scary, right?  These made me laugh too -- David is dressed for a Crazy Hair Day at Brookdale (the old folks' home where he used to work) and Scott was at the end of an on-the-road,  too-long-install shift for DecorWorks/Rainbow, where he used to work.

I used the sketch from Let's Get Sketchy, and it worked out perfectly, I think.  

Friday, January 19, 2018

Catching Up --

I've been busy with work and while I've managed to continue doing something creative every day, I haven't had a time with daylight to photo, upload, edit and blog.  So here are several layouts/projects for several challenges:

This layout uses a sketch from Scrapbook Generation and a color challenge (LAW 2) from Scrap N Chat

This one took me out of my comfort zone -- minamalist.  This is from a new to me group, Mind the Scrap.  I also used a sketch from Let's Get Sketchy.  I love how this one came out  -- from a cold day, just chilling with my fur baby.

This one I initially crated for a challenge without the photos -- they were on order but hadn't arrived yet.  From NYE.  The cut file is from Paper Issues.

This is from another sketch -- love, love sketches!  Photos of Scott outside City Hall having just turned in his paperwork to run for City Council.  Sketch from Sketch N Scrap

Another one of Scott -- from a trip he made to Vegas to see Piff and Penn & Teller.  He had a great time.  Got to talk to Piff for quite a while about dogs -- Piff was familiar with Best Friends Sanctuary and intriqued by our adopting a dog with three legs.  Another Sketch -- this one from 
Sketch N Scrap  and a Mood Board challenge from ScrappingClearly and the Title Challenge at Paper Issues -- put it in a banner.

So that's what I've been up to the last week or so.  Time to get some cards done :-)

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Best Day Ever

A sketch challenge from Stuck? Sketches inspired me with these photos.  Taken by Scott (7ish at the time), these photos:  David was cut off of one, I was really out of center, and the top of the tree,  had me stumped.  But this sketch brought them together nicely.  I like the way the diamonds at the top form a sort of leaf canopy.  And that Ben Baby face makes me smile.   

And by the way, this is Day 4 for my 100 Days Project of creating.  Yay, me!  Only 96 more to go LOL.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Iconic Sights

Another page, another challenge -- Iconic sights from San Fran.  Coit Tower (in the distance -- it was the 90's), the Navy ships in the Harbor and a photo of us (David, Ben in the stroller and I) taken by Scott (age 7 at the time).  This sketch and challenge came from The Scrap Room

I used papers from a Craft Smith pad called Paradise Crush along with some really old Diane J Hook paper and Coredinations cardstock.  It's been fun re-visiting this trip/vacation from so many years ago.  And that baby in the stroller is now 21 (and a half)! 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A New Year, New Challenges!  Happy 2018!

 It's only January 3, but I've got two new challenges under my belt already.  I used some old photos -- the first trip to San Francisco we made with the boys.  Ben was still in a stroller.  :-D  We were living in So Cal, but drove up and used the folks farm outside Merced as home-base for our vacation day tripping.  Great times -- and here are two pages, companion pieces, inspired by two challenges from two different sites.

From Scrap and Chat comes Janet's angle/K challenge -- something straight up and down, one angled left, one angled right.  Here's our trip down Lombard St. -- I thought the challenge fit the street well. 

And from a new site for me, Sketch n Scrap , comes Cable Car Shift based on their first sketch for January.  I never knew that at the end of the line, they have to turn the cable car around for it go back up the hill -- and it's all done manually -- the guys come out and push it around on this lazy Susan kind of thing in the track.  Was very fun to watch.