Monday, May 30, 2011

Some old photos...

I found some old pics of my babies while we were going through the garage. I'm so loving seeing them sweet babies. Missing those days too.

Here's a couple layouts I've snuch in while packing and garage saling:

The title "Watch Out World!" will appear on the rolodex card once I have a chance -- and there's journaling inside the pouch it makes.

Yep, he wouldn't give up the old bottle even though it was empty -- but wanted the new, full one, too.

Well...time to go pack another box....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Turtle Time

My sweet babies -- from 1997. They're 14 and 20 now...sigh. I miss the Turtle Times.

Found these photos as we were going through stuff getting ready for a garage sale. This is at our old condo in Orange. The yard was tiny, but they had fun with the turtle sandbox.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Chinese Whispers - Shhhh

One of the games we play on the Club CK message board is Chinese Whispers. The first person in the group receives a sketch from the hostess (I was first this time!) She creates a layout based on the sketch, then sends her layout to the hostess and the second person on the list. The second person makes a layout based on the first layout (without seeing the sketch) and then sends to the hostess and the third person. When everyone on the list has had a chance, the hostess posts a "reveal" -- the original sketch and all the following layouts. It's always fun to see how things change around with each person's interpretation.

But it's a big secret until the reveal -- but here's a little tidbit. I scrapped my aunt's wedding pictures! I was pretty happy with how the layout ended up. But that's about all I can say for now :-)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Grad Gift Mini Album

I got a chance to go to a crop at Michaels -- 12 hours worth! I worked on this gift for a great-niece who graduated high school this year.

The mini-album was a free svg file that I cut on my Cricut. Here are some inside pages:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Also from our trip to LA -- the whole point was to go to CSUN and talk to all the depts. While we were there, they had a special awareness week going on-- Armenian Genocide. The way the posters were worded, however, it sounded like they were participating (for a week) in the genocide. They could have used an English Teacher's editing help. Ah well.

Here's the layout -- based on a sketch from DCWV's blog:

And here's my layout -- the left is pretty straight forward sketch, the right side I turned and tweaked to make a companion page for it:

I used papers from DCWV's Designer Blue Jean's stack. The white border punch is the only thing that doesn't come from the stack -- it's from a border swap on Club CK.

Here's closer pics:

More from LA

This will be the last page of our Spring Break, LA Trip. The journaling around the edges talks about how David had driven us from home to ARC to Old Town Sac to LA (in one day/night), then all over LA while we were down there, then back again. All in a whirlwind trip. And when we got home, he was pooped.

This was our last stop before home. I still need to journal on the green. We were not enthralled with this visit. David said the pea soup wasn't even as good as the canned. Service was barely decent. No dark bread in the basket. Food was mediocre and more expensive than it should have been.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Frosted Designs

Well, I started this blog more so I can show off my scrapbooking and link back here than anything else. So, here we go. Frosted Designs offered this sketch for layouts:

Here is what I did with it: (and yes, I turned it into a two page layout)

I'm not liking this posting photos thing -- when I resize them, they come out funny. Maybe I'll get better :-)