Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What I've Been Up To

So our computer died and was in the shop and has been resurrected.  Sort of.  I wasn't able to post during that time, although I did scrap a bit, because Scott's laptop doesn't connect to our printer nor can I upload photos to the laptop.  Ain't technology grand.  Meh.

So -- here are my most recent layouts.  Mainly from the last couple weeks -- didn't bother trying to photo all of January.

Here's one from last summer's Shakespeare in the Park -- "The Scottish Play" (Macbeth)

The journaling pulls no punches -- this was one of the worst productions of Macbeth we've ever seen.  But it's always a fun evening at Griffith Park -- we bring a picnic dinner and wine.  And we know how to entertain ourselves before hand -- Ben and Darrin played Magic.  Scott and David played with food in the grass.  And I took photos :-)

The rest of the layouts feature horrible photos.  Really.  Here's Ben and NorCal friend Nick.  Nick and his family invited Ben to spend a day at Disneyland with them.  He had a blast.  We picked him up at the Grand Californian Hotel.

Next two layouts from Ben's 17th birthday -- one at Outback and one at home.  Ben knew we were going to Outback for dinner, but he overheard the waitress confirm a party of 7.  He thought I'd heard wrong and was worried we were taking someone else's reservation (Mom, she said 7.)  When I told him that 7 was correct, he got confused, then apprehensive.  "Who else did you invite?"  The other guests were a bit late (teenagers), so he had a while to worry.  LOL.  But he was much relieved when his friends Hunter, Thomas and Kenny showed up.

After dinner, we went home for cake and ice cream.  These photos are so awful (our apartment does not photograph well -- lack of natural light and tan walls) so I added a bunch of stickers that I've had forever.  Made it silly and fun.  Made Ben smile.  :-)

The most recent layout I've done -- dinner and a movie last summer (Despicable Me2) at Universal City Walk. I found the die cut files (Minion and title) online and used a googly eye for the minion.

The last layout are some photos of Scott and David with celebrities.  One of the perks of living in LA is running into people.  Scott and David ran into George Eads (from CSI) at a bar next to their work.  He had been filming on location in the area and stopped in.  Apparently he was feeling no pain and hammed it up for the photos with the guys.  It was weird too, because David and Scott don't often go into the bar -- I think this was the first and so far, last time.  You just never know who you'll see....