Sunday, August 30, 2015

Catching up

Here are a couple layouts I've done recently -- I think this is where I left off :-)

The first is a double pager from a Let's Scrap sketch:

Photos from a hike along the Cascade Falls trail -- from last year.  It was threatening rain, with thunder and lightening, so we didn't go all the way.  David and I went back this summer and hiked all the way to the falls.

Here's the sketch -- I moved some of the sections around a bit and played with the sizes:

Here are two singles -- they don't really go together.  I used sketches/challenges, but for the life of me, I can't remember where.  Haven't been able to submit them LOL -- probably over any way.  The one on the left is photos from our drive to Mesquite -- love that antique car card.  The one on the right is an old pic of my babies (now 19 and 25) with reflections in the journaling of how I miss my babies.  The brownish paper repeats the phrase "Love you to the stars and back "-- so I added some stars to the black background, the clock and the heart go along with the journaling.  

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Tumbling Dice and Going Going Gone

Two double-page layouts made from Let's Scrap sketches:

This is based on the 8-1-15 sketch.  They used hexagons, but I turned them into squares to look more like the dice.  This was a day trip to Mesquite, NV (a border town) to gamble.  We went through 3 states (UT, AZ and NV) to get there.

This was based on their DT call sketch -- I loved it and it worked great for these photos of my son getting his hair cut to donate to Wigs 4 Kids.  He had an audience of residents from the Assisted Living place where he worked.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

July LOAD -- Pt 1

Some of these have been sitting around on my desk waiting for the last things...finally got them finished plus a couple start to finish done this weekend.  Yay for LOAD motivation :-)

These are all from last summer -- when Ben and the boys were here -- miss them so much :-(

From the lava flows -- we got out of the car to see them and we all kind of stood around.  Until someone started walking out on them.  Watching them all reminded me of the game we used to play where the ground became hot lava and if you touched it, you died.

On the right side is lichen from the lava flows -- I was fascinated.  And on the left is a butterfly that let me get so close I got awesome shots, even with my little point and shoot.

The Ice Cave -- had fun using penguins and winter papers on a summer layout :-)  This is a fun trip.

Wildflowers from around the ice cave.

The Navajo Lake overlook
The other overlook -- and Dr. Party (my son's band) posing for selfies.

And --
my latest jamicure -- I am enjoying my Jamberrys.

The photos aren't the best, I waited to late to take them with natural light, so there are flashes.  Oh well, that's my life :-)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Layout and Quick Tutorial

Here is my "Printed Word" layout:

It's pretty busy, so I wanted to keep the embellishments simple.  I made the "box flowers" from book pages.  They're really simple -- someone taught us on the old CK message board.  If you've never seen them or made them, here are the instructions:

Cut some circles -- you'll need 4 for each flower.  I used punches in two different sizes.

Fold each circle in half and if you want to glue it down, just add adhesive to one half :

Then you layer them, like you would the flaps of a box lid (you want them right next to each other, but I left mine apart a bit so you can see better):

One more piece goes on that one.  If you put adhesive on your circles when you folded them, make sure the adhesive side is "under" and the open side is "over" - that way you can "fluff" the petals if you want to.

You can add some color by inking the edges -- you can do it earlier if you want, I did it at this point:

Now you can "open" or "fluff" the petals:

Depending on the side, you can use your finger or a pencil or whatever you have at hand.

I added buttons or little epoxy stickers to the centers.  You can also add stems, leaves, whatever your heart desires :-)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

For Sale (NSBR)

I have some things for sale:

Christmas ornaments from Burger King several years ago.  Silver plated, whole set of 6, plus one extra hat.  $10

Men's trunks, size 40, Del Sol (flower pattern changes color in sun), NWT, $10

Vintage Delta Novelty Co, Japan Christmas decorations or ornaments from '50's or '60's.  $10

Local buyers can pick up or we can arrange to meet up in town (Cedar City, UT).  Or I can ship for cost of postage.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Let's Scrap Frenzy

For National Scrapbooking Day, Let's Scrap hooked up with Clique Kits for a special kit.  Then LS offered 4 sketches to use the kit on.  The challenge was to make 4 layouts and at least one card with the scraps.  Here's mine:

Frenzy 1

Frenzy 2

Frenzy 3 and Frenzy 4

And here's a card I made for my Aunt for Mother's Day:

Friday, January 30, 2015

One Fine Day

I've done well with the LOAD this month -- this two page layout is number 28-29 for the month:

I used this week's sketch from Let's Scrap.  I'm continuing to use up old stuff (all the pp and border is from an old DCWV stack).  Many thanks to Susan, who offered a bunch of stuff she no longer wanted.  I asked for a packet of tags and she sent a TON of goodies.  The tags, buttons and embellies next to the photo on right page all come from her.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A layout and a card

Here's a LOAD layout -- inspired by a challenge to use stamps!  Don't remember which numbers these are...

Photos from our new home town.  The paper on the left and right is a map of the US, it's fairly light so you may not be able to tell.  I have arrows on the left showing where we used to live and where we live now.  The stamps are the hand/arrow and the "We've Moved" top left.  My title "Home Sweet NEW Home" is in the font "Goodbye Crewel World".  Love fun fonts :-)

And here's a card I made up (cut files from Snapdragon Snippets/Silhouette store).  I'm going to be making these with the seniors where David and Scott work on the next crafty day.  It's called a teepee card, since it ties up to stand like a teepee.  You untie it and fold carefully to mail.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pic Nic in the Park

One more for LOAD -- #9 and 10 for those keeping track -- Pic Nic in the Park.  More from our Day Trip to Griffith Park.


I've joined the LayOut A Day challenge with this FB Group.  It's gotten me energized and moving again.  I'm enjoying  scrapping again after a while without doing much.

So -- here are some layouts from the last couple days:

LOAD #3:

The photos are from our trip to view Rose Parade Floats last January.  I'm just a little behind :-)  I used a sketch from Sketches in Thyme and the inspiration at From Screen 2 Scrap (they've moved)! of the UP poster -- the color blue, clouds, a hot air balloon and "Up" in the title.  Perfect for these pics!  

Then LOAD #4 -- the companion page to the above: 
More photos from our Rose Parade trip.  And a pocket page.  I don't often use them, but...sometimes they just work.  I got to use some papers from 6 x 6 pads -- including the printed burlap top right, a gift from DCWV for winning one of their challenges.  The rose paper and purple plaid were from a stack that was an RAK also.

Next LOAD #5 and 6:

This was a fun layout to do -- all the aliens and space and high tech floats.  Used up LOTS of scraps and old papers -- The black and orange papers are from an 8 1/2 x 11 pad I bought for Scott back when he was 10ish (he's 24 now).  The countdown paper (bottom left) was a scrap, the Stencil A was the negative from a letter I cut and used ages ago and then threw in my scrap drawer.  I've been going through drawers, trying to get rid of stuff I don't need...really, I have.

 And LOAD 7 and 8:

Ok, #7 sorta feels like a cheat, since all I did was throw the last of my parade viewing photos into sleeves and make a title card (with the parade's theme).  But done is done.  And #8 is a no-photo --it's the first of a series of layouts about our trip to Walt's Barn and Griffith Park.  That train sticker is at least 12 years old.  Using up my stash is my theme for this year :-)  And with that, I'm actually ahead -- it's only 1/6 and I've got 8 LOADs done!  Yay me!  Since I'm working an over-night later this week, I have a feeling this is a good thing.

Thanks for looking  -- enjoy your scrapping.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

On the 10 o'clock News

Finally scrapping after a long dry spell of not much.  It was busy over the holidays -- lots of fun and family time.  But it's nice to be able to scrap again.  Am involved in a LOAD with some Let's Scrap ladies (and others), so hopefully this will keep me going this month!

Here are Load 1 and 2 (each page and card counts as one each) -- a layout based on Let's Scrap first sketch of the new year!

The photos are from a year ago!  Ben, a couple of his friends, and I went to Pasadena to view the floats after the Rose Parade.  This is just one layout in the series :-)

Here's the sketch I used:

Thanks for dropping by!