Thursday, November 10, 2011

Helping Hand

I haven't blogged much lately -- been busy. But I've also been scrapbooking. Here's one of my new faves -- a picture of Ben (my YDS) and his grandfather. These old photos of the generations mean so much to me. With only one grandparent left (my husband's mother), I'm grateful for the time my boys had with the others. Ben never knew my dad, but Scott did. And both of them knew the other grandparents -- my mom and David's mom and dad.

Bob was kind of gruff sometimes. And he was a working man -- he could fix anything. But I was surprised at what a great grandpa he was. He was gentle and patient with the little ones. The other grandkids were older by the time I married into the family or we just weren't around them much -- so I hadn't seen this side of Bob until my own boys were born.