Sunday, July 5, 2015

July LOAD -- Pt 1

Some of these have been sitting around on my desk waiting for the last things...finally got them finished plus a couple start to finish done this weekend.  Yay for LOAD motivation :-)

These are all from last summer -- when Ben and the boys were here -- miss them so much :-(

From the lava flows -- we got out of the car to see them and we all kind of stood around.  Until someone started walking out on them.  Watching them all reminded me of the game we used to play where the ground became hot lava and if you touched it, you died.

On the right side is lichen from the lava flows -- I was fascinated.  And on the left is a butterfly that let me get so close I got awesome shots, even with my little point and shoot.

The Ice Cave -- had fun using penguins and winter papers on a summer layout :-)  This is a fun trip.

Wildflowers from around the ice cave.

The Navajo Lake overlook
The other overlook -- and Dr. Party (my son's band) posing for selfies.

And --
my latest jamicure -- I am enjoying my Jamberrys.

The photos aren't the best, I waited to late to take them with natural light, so there are flashes.  Oh well, that's my life :-)