Saturday, July 13, 2013

More Prom, More Disney, More Cat

Some of these I finished before vacay, You Oughta Be in Pictures was a before and after, New Throne was done last night.  Trying to get my last batch of photos done before the next batch (vacay and father's day and San Diego) get here.  So many photos, so little time!  LOL

Disney:  Ok, the journaling talks about our petty victory.  We waited outside the theater, almost first in line, only to have the cast members (not employees in Disney-speak) move the line around the corner without respect to who was there first.  These people, who had one person standing in line and then had about 20 appear when it was close to time, pushed and shoved and were loud and rude.  But we ended up in front of them in the theater LOL.  Petty?  Yes.  Victory?  Definitely.

I think this was for a challenge, and quite probably from a sketch -- but I'm not sure from where.

I have two layouts of my cat -- one is just weird how the photo came out.  The other is about his new resting spot.

This last one is from Ben's prom -- it's phone photos they took at the photo op spots at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.  Will be submitting this for the fussy-cut flower challenge at 2 Broke Girls.