Friday, November 15, 2013

Playing with Project Life

I've been working on creating my own PL cards.  Here's one I made for a Thanksgiving card for my aunt:

And -- I figured out how to turn it into a jpeg.  But I'm losing some sharpness in the save.  I'm working in Word -- I'm thinking PS might be easier.  Might play on some of the sites -- Photobucket or Picasa or whatever and see if I can get a better final product.

Here's the card I made:

Love that DCWV paper.  Wasn't sure how I was going to use it -- but it worked out great cut, turned side ways and folded LOL.  The back has the pretty leaves too.  This is a bigger than I normally make card -- folded size is 6 x 7 (12 x 7 paper).  Had to make my own envelope -- used some lighter weight DCWV for that -- the pretty side in.  

Now -- on to some Christmas cards.