Thursday, November 28, 2013

Christmas Projects

So, tomorrow we're going down to visit my aunt and cousins for Thanksgiving.  I was hoping to save on postage, so was aiming at getting my Christmas gifts finished by today to take down with me.  And some of them are for Christmas, so they should be opened before any way.

Here's what I made for my aunt:

This is the first page.  I collected 52 little quotes/scriptures about Thankfulness/Gratitude.  Thank you, Pinterest.  I formatted and printed them out, put them on tags, made my little stand, and attached them with a ring.  There are 26 tags, so she can flip through one a week, when she gets to the end, she flips it around and does the other 26.  Here's another random page:

For my cousin's daughter, I made this set:

Besides these principles, there are 5 shephers, 7 sheep, 3 wisemen, 2 camels, and 2 cows.  The set is an SVGCuts file.  Love their files.  I wasn't sure if she'd just want to leave them flat or if she'd want to stand them up, so I cut the stands and she can attach them if she chooses.  

One gift is only part-way done, but it will be easier to mail.  I almost did it!

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!  Safe travels!

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