Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mollie's Nipple

This is in Utah, outside Hurricane, where David went to High School.  One of the shots is from up closer to Cedar, the other is down closer to St. George.  I thought it was Molly's Nipple, but found out that the USGS frowns on apostrophes in place names, so officially it's "Mollies Nipple".  But locals (and others) still throw the apostrophe in (probably all those grammar teachers) so it is alternately known as Mollies Nipple, Mollie's Nipple or Molly's Nipple.  I couldn't leave the apostrophe out.

I used a sketch from 2 Broke Girls :

Yes, there's reflection in it, because it's dark out and I'm taking the picture on my kitchen floor with the overhead light on.  LOL


  1. Beautiful! Love the flowers down the side! Thanks for playing with us at 2 Broke Girls Scraps!

  2. I'm pretty sure I'd have to use the apostrophe too! I love the flowers! Thank you for joining us at 2 Broke Girls!

  3. Beautiful page! Love the colors and flowers. Thanks for joining us at 2 Broke Girls.

  4. Love the contrasting photos of distance - and what a gorgeous row of flowers on the side! I never knew that about apostrophes, how odd - yes, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do! Thanks for playing along with us @ 2 Broke Girls Scraps! :)

  5. This is fantastic!!!!! Beautiful flowers along the side!!!!
    Thanks again for playing along with at 2 Broke Girls!!!!