Wednesday, October 16, 2013


These photos aren't really from Boothill, but from El Campo Santos Cemetery in San Diego's Old Town.  It just looks like a Boothill.  I used  a sketch that Carolyn shared at Scrappin-Peeps for a weekly challenge.  My photo of the layout is horrible and has such awful reflection from the overhead light on my table, but if I wait, I may never get it done :-)

Reading about this cemetery, there are reported sightings of ghosts.  One "working girl" who died in the old west days and wasn't allowed to be buried in the cemetery itself -- she's been seen hanging around outside the gate.  When the paved street went in, they paved over several graves.  To appease the spirits who were not happy with it, there were markers and a memorial placed on the grounds commemorating those under the street.  Apparently paranormal activity was so high, that several of the local shopkeepers pooled their money and had an exorcism or similar ceremony performed.  Since then, reports of activity have been down.
I was really surprised when we visited this old graveyard, that some of the graves had recent memorials (the toys and stuffed animals).  Don't know if it's family members still in the area or if it's just that children's graves strike a chord with many of us.

Here's my layout:

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