Saturday, May 11, 2013

Not My Circus

I found this monkey die cut (a freebie from SVG Attic) and then the quote on Pinterest  and I knew what I wanted to do with these photos.  Backstory -- we'd been to Thanksgiving Dinner (early) with my aunt and family and made our traditional stop at Downtown Disney on the way home.  We got hungry (it was an EARLY Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant, ok?  No seconds, etc.) and stopped at Rain Forest Cafe.  After eating, I got them to sit on the bench with the big monkey.  Then they got the brilliant idea that he needed one of Scott's cigarettes.  Really.  Where do they come up with this?  Must be their father's genes.  So here's my layout:

As I was working on it, I began to see the irony in it.  Thus, it's companion page was created:

My journaling: 

 "How Ironic The phrase “Not my Circus, Not my Monkeys” is a literal translation of a Polish Proverb, that more closely means “not my problem.”  Once I’d finished the layout, I realized how ironic it really was -- of course they’re “my monkeys”!  And yes, it’s “my circus”, this crazy life I lead.  And in a broader sense, the photos are from Rain Forest Café, which tries to impart to its guests the concept that the loss of the rain forest IS our problem, even if it’s not in our backyard.  I still like the layout and still will continue to try to deny ownership of some of the crazy things “my monkeys” do."

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