Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Layout and Quick Tutorial

Here is my "Printed Word" layout:

It's pretty busy, so I wanted to keep the embellishments simple.  I made the "box flowers" from book pages.  They're really simple -- someone taught us on the old CK message board.  If you've never seen them or made them, here are the instructions:

Cut some circles -- you'll need 4 for each flower.  I used punches in two different sizes.

Fold each circle in half and if you want to glue it down, just add adhesive to one half :

Then you layer them, like you would the flaps of a box lid (you want them right next to each other, but I left mine apart a bit so you can see better):

One more piece goes on that one.  If you put adhesive on your circles when you folded them, make sure the adhesive side is "under" and the open side is "over" - that way you can "fluff" the petals if you want to.

You can add some color by inking the edges -- you can do it earlier if you want, I did it at this point:

Now you can "open" or "fluff" the petals:

Depending on the side, you can use your finger or a pencil or whatever you have at hand.

I added buttons or little epoxy stickers to the centers.  You can also add stems, leaves, whatever your heart desires :-)

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