Friday, May 2, 2014

The Purge -- HHN Opening

This is my LOAD 1 for Let's Scrap, using this week's sketch

The photos are from the "Employees Only" soft opening of HHNs.  Since DH and ODS were working, they could give their tickets to friends and family, so Ben and I went.  First pic is Ben waiting in line -- we got there at least an hour early, I think it was earlier and there were already people there.  They only had a certain number of Front of the Line badges and they had a posted policy of no saving spots in line -- but as more and more people jumped in with friends, we were beginning to wonder if we were going to get the badges.  But we did.  They opened the gates and then held everyone at the end of the street -- waiting for the "rope drop".  The alarm goes off (signalling the beginning of the Purge) and there were flashes and smoke and the chainsaws and the masked purgers came out -- and your first challenge was getting past them all.

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