Friday, June 21, 2013

Layouts from Last Weekend's Crop

Can't believe a whole week has passed since I was at Becky's cropping.  Had some little details to finish on the layouts and finally got it done.  But -- give me a break here -- Sunday was Father's Day and a trip to HB, Monday was laundry (oh wait, DH did that) and packing, Tuesday we left for San Diego and just got back yesterday.  So -- I've been busy.  LOL

These are Disney from Spring Break and Ben's Prom.

Obviously, Disney's world of color -- Such gorgeous colors.  When I saw Child's Play  yarn challenge, I saw colors and immediately thought of these photos.

Pictures from Alexa's house -- her Mom invited us over for a snack and to take pictures, which I completely appreciated.    The left side is from a sketch at 2 Broke Girls.  

I love the story the photos of them putting the flowers on each other tells.  Ben's part was easy -- a wrist corsage, but Alexa had a hard time, so Mom helped.  They laughed about the dog and the airplane -- and look so elegant.  

These are from the dance (yes, I trolled on FB on Ben's page and his friends pages LOL).  The right side is Ben with his friends Corey and Teal.  And the right side is one of the "photo op" shots from Madame Tussaud's.  Love the expressions on their faces -- you can tell they're drama kids!  Both pages are from sketches  -- the left is from a sketch at Let's Capture our Memories and the color scheme from a challenge at 2 Broke Girls.  The right is from a sketch challenge at 2 Broke Girls.  Love how well they went together using the same papers and background :-)

 This last photo is from our Disney trip -- Our room at the little Alpine Inn was literally a fence apart from the back side of Carsland.  We thought we'd see SOMEthing out our window.  Yep -- a brick wall LOL.  This is just for fun - we laughed about it.  It's not like we spent lots of time in the room any way.  This is based on a sketch from 2 Broke Girls. -- Turn and twisted and everything :-)

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